Saturday, September 17, 2011

Master Key, Chapters I - IV

The principles thus far covered in the book are: states of being and circumstances, in some cases, come from within; the subconscious is a creative, powerful force that the conscious can control by directing it towards specific goals or desires; by that means, and by cultivating one's "within" anything can be attained as if by a birthright, a boundless power all people possess; discordant emotions, fear, anger, sadness, worry, should and can be eliminated from the self; there is a true self that can be what you will be.

The exercises have built upon each other, week by week; sit still, inhibit all thoughts, let go physically (relax), let go emotionally.

One unique, valuable thing about this book is that it focuses on being able to apply the principles it teaches.

Through the readings and exercises, I have definitely come to be more empowered. I have benefited most in applying the principle of directing the subconscious towards specific goals. In my case, conceiving creation solutions to issues. A small group has formed, for which I am grateful, and in which we share our experiences with a chapter and its exercise on a weekly basis.


  1. Let me know more about this group please, if you all are still meeting.

  2. We are still meeting. Feel free to email me if you want to find out more.