Saturday, December 10, 2011

Master Key, Chapters V-VIII

"Knowledge does not apply itself."

I am currently on Chapter XII, from which the above quotation comes, so one can deduce that I am a little behind on my updates.

Our imagination is the constructive form of Thinking. You can utilize a guided form of thinking to reach inner states and achievements for yourself. To do so requires powerful concentration; it cannot be done half-heartedly. When an ideal is fully formed in the mind--every detail laid out and perfected-- it can be realized. As such, we have a great power. That power must be guided by certain exact principles, or laws. Without them, the creative thinking process would be ineffective. We also must put these principles into practice; without application, without exercise, the intended creations are not possible.

The exercises of these chapters have been geared towards concentration and imagination, a sort of "training" for your ability to use your thinking to create and achieve.

I have not been as diligent at exercising these principles recently, but through reading the chapters carefully and discussing them, I am convinced that fully forming an ideal in your mind will lead to its actualization.

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