Thursday, May 24, 2012

Check Out My Review of Carl Futia's Trading Seminar

Here is a link to a review I wrote of Carl Futia's Real Time Trading Seminar.

Feedback appreciated!!

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  1. I've learned a LOT being a member of his seminar. I believe he has just the right attitude, psychological setup and technique to beat the market and he does a better-than-anyone-else job teaching it.

    I would recommend his seminar to just about anyone, novice or experienced.

    It's rather unfortunate that he's going through a rough patch/slump the past 7months or so. But I think he'd bounce back soon though.

    He's also commented that he'd let his trades to be replicated soon (don't know how that'll work if and when it gets started).

    Nonetheless, his seminar has been a GREAT learning experience.