Saturday, April 2, 2011

Taking Requests

Once this site picks up some speed, I will be offering readers the ability to requests topics they would like an educational post on. The purpose would be to explain investment or trading concepts in clear and simple language. Here are examples of acceptable requests, for different levels of experience:

Beginner: What's the meaning of PE ratio?
Novice: How can I incorporate PE ratios into my investing?
Novice: What does RSI mean?
Novice: Why is copper used as an economic and trading indicator?
Advanced: What indicators can be used to confirm intraday Ts?

These are not acceptable requests:

Where do you think Xerox will be trading next week?
What's your opinion on copper?

My goal is for this feature to be entertaining and useful to as many readers as possible.


  1. Hi George. I don't really understand when they talk about bonds and treasury auctions and how this affects the markets. In general the concept of bonds is more difficult for me to understand than understanding stocks. Thanks, Wendy

  2. Thanks for the request, Wendy. I have documented it. Once this site is getting a few hundred hits a day, I will begin servicing user requests.