Friday, May 6, 2011

Potential Three Day T

The chart above is a 15-min bar chart of the S&P emini futures over the last week. I have drawn a possible T construction whose right arm spans 3 days.

Two studies shown below the chart are of OBV and MFI. I am treating OBV as a proxy for the cash build up period. It has yet to break above the descending trendline but may do so.

To confirm this T, I am applying the Theorem I introduced last week. If the T is correctly constructed and viable, a peak in MFI should occur around the midpoint of the right arm of this 3 day T. I have marked this midpoint with a pink arrow. I am also taking this opportunity to test my Theorem in real time.


  1. Why do you say Theorem when you haven't proved it. I thought theorem means a logically irrefutable theory :P

  2. Theorems are proved by applying syllogisms to axioms. I have done that. Testing the empirical validity of the theorem is another matter.