Wednesday, May 11, 2011

T Theorem Experiment Results

Below are two charts. They are a "before and after" of a short term T analysis that I presented earlier in this blog and of its follow-up. Link.
The prediction called for 1) a 3 day T and 2) a peak in MFI at the midpoint of this 3 day span. Both came true. (In a post following my original analysis, I erroneously anticipated that there would be no peak in MFI at the midpoint.) This validates the theorem that the right arm of a T will/should? have a peak in MFI at its midpoint. The practical application of this theorem is that it can be used to verify a T construction.

Some quick notes: MFI shown in the follow up chart has parts of its graph removed. This was to make viewing clearer because the MFI before the right arm of the T is irrelevant and the MFI after the midpoint would not be known in real time. One odd thing is that later on in the T, there were two new peaks in MFI. I circled those in pink. I am not certain of their significance, if any.

These T Theory™ based posts are dedicated to John C. for his encouragement of my development of shorter term T analysis and forecasts.


  1. George:

    Thanks!!! I was following this T very closely as you were. As you know, I have also been working for some time in this area. I think your superb work in the refinement of short term T analysis is of great importance.

    Keep up the great work. As always, thanks again for sharing.

    The combination of a viable short term T approach with Elliot Wave and cycle analysis will do for market forecasting what the elusive "Unified Theory" will do for physics.

    John C.

  2. It's definitely an interesting idea, John.